Earn by promoting Acqen.com’s products and services online! You can link thousands of Acqen.com’s products and services ranging from Php0.25 – Php5.00 commission each on product purchased, clicks, signup, FB Like, share, YT channel subscribe, Video Views and website view through your affiliate links. You’ll never run out of things to promote!

1. Login to your Affiliate Account

Register and Login Here

2. Go to your Affiliate Dashboard

Marketing > Product Links

3. Choose a product or services


4. Click the “Get Link”

Click the “Get Link” of the product you want to promote, then copy the code that will appear

5. Share it!

Share your affiliate link to your Social Media Account, Groups or directly to your friends! Every clicks on your link that converted into website visit to the promoted item, “Like” on the FB page or Subscribe on YT channel of the promoted item, product purchase on the promoted product, you will earn Php0.25 each.
For all inquiries, please email affiliate@acqen.com

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